Building a virtuous cycle of wealth and opportunity.

bold leaders

After long careers in tech and impact, we felt like we were just scratching the surface, treating the symptoms of inequality rather than getting at the root cause. We also recognized the current market dislocation and approached it as an opportunity to not only systematically break barriers by supporting underrepresented founders, operators, consumers, and talent, but also support bold leaders building exceptional companies.

Purpose-driven focus.

We invest in early stage (pre-seed to Series A) companies across all sectors, with a focus on financial inclusion, productivity software and future of work, sustainability, precision/predictive health, and direct-to-learner EdTech. We look for companies that meet or are committed to the the following:

01 Led By Early stage companies led by underrepresented founders of color.
02 For Early stage companies being built to address the needs of underrepresented consumers of color.
03 With Founders with a demonstrated commitment to building their companies with a diverse team and an inclusive company culture.

50% commitment to impact.

We commit 50% of our carry to the Concrete Rose Community Foundation to provide resources to nonprofit organizations closing opportunity gaps for people of color. The collaboration between the Fund and the Foundation is critical to building a virtuous cycle of wealth and opportunity. By taking this holistic approach, we will not only provide additional impact, but also produce better outcomes.

How we support.

Our portfolio companies have access to experts and resources that support them in building more explicit, inclusive, and equitable cultures from Day 1. We believe that inclusion happens through everyday actions and in even the earliest processes—through office hours, small groups, and toolkits we get tactical with our founders.

Through our Talent Network, we connect underrepresented professionals with growing, venture-backed companies whose leadership teams are intentionally creating inclusive company cultures and building diverse teams.

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We engage the Concrete Rose Network of best in class operators, investors, and public figures in service of our founders and their vision.

Our Extended Network

Our Strategic VC partner funds.

We collaborate with our Strategic Partner Funds as diligence partners and coinvestors. Most importantly, we support each others’ portfolio companies to help founders and companies make their visions a reality.