Tanvi Lal

MBA Associate
Companies have typically built products for an average consumer that represents only a segment of the population. I'm excited by ideas that place the needs of underrepresented or overlooked populations front and center. Not only are these ideas profitable and needed, but they help address the systemic inequities we see daily.

Tanvi is an MBA Associate at Concrete Rose and an MBA Candidate at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. She’s passionate about ideas that put underrepresented voices front and center in their build process. In the past, she worked with 2 social enterprise startups reimagining economic empowerment for women: 81cents (focused on pay equity for women and minorities) and Sequin Financial (focused on credit access for women and creating credit products tailored to women’s needs).

Prior to her MBA, Tanvi was a Consultant at Deloitte where she worked with enterprise SaaS products. She has also worked with multiple non-profits on pro-bono consulting projects and served on the board of one for a year. Tanvi grew up between India and the United States and graduated from Emory University.

Fun Fact #1
Went to boarding school in India for 5 years

Fun Fact #2
Wrote an English Literature thesis on British women travelers to colonial India in college

Fun Fact #3
Loves to make craft cocktails at home (her favorite drink is a Manhattan)