Jason Norman

I am thankful for the opportunity to connect with people who are authentically passionate about closing the financial and social capital gaps for Black people. Access, opportunity, and exposure have changed my life and I'm committed to providing those things across my work with the fund and the foundation. I am interested in the intersection of Sports and Technology, and the Future of E-commerce.

Jason is a co-founding Partner of Concrete Rose. He is CEO of The Concrete Rose Community Foundation and Entrepreneur in Residence at Tipping Point Community in San Francisco. Prior to Concrete Rose, Jason ran college access Programs at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula then launched the Lazarus Energy Empowerment Program, a program expanding the pipeline of underrepresented talent into the Energy Industry in Houston, TX.

Jason is a Rochester, NY native and a graduate of Harvard University. At Harvard he studied African American Studies and was a two-year captain of the Harvard Basketball team.

Fun fact #1
I love stand up comedy. Deon Cole is my favorite comedian of the 2020's.

Fun Fact #2
My dad taught me how to read music and play the trumpet when I was 7.

Fun Fact #3
I want to run a Black Art museum focused on Black Americans' influence on Sports.

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